WWE RAW: Alexa Bliss Challenges Randy Orton to Set Her on Fire

WWE RAW: Alexa Bliss Challenges Randy Orton to Set Her on Fire

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Last night’s Monday Night Raw saw Alexa Bliss challenging Randy Orton to set her on fire as he did to The Fiend. Also, Keith Lee secured a title-match defeating Sheamus after a tough fight.

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After a stunning TLC, seen a week earlier, the wrestling fans had a chance to witness an even more shocking event this Monday night.

Randy Orton was once again in the middle of the attention. The Viper was challenged by Alexa Bliss to set her on fire, after his rampage in the Firefly Fun House. Orton was trashing the entire place, kicking and hitting everything that stood in his way.

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In the aftermath, he appeared inside the ring with Alexa, demanding an answer on where The Fiend is. Bliss didn’t want to tell him anything, but decided to give Orton a surprise present that included gasoline and matches.

That is something that confused the Viper for a second, and he didn’t do anything at first but stood beside and watched as Bliss pours gasoline on herself. In the end, the lights went out, and the only light in the arena was the one coming from a match Orton held in his hands.

The program ended at that point, leaving all the spectators wondering did he listened to Bliss and set her on fire. We expect to see the outcome of this in some of the upcoming events.

Before this drama, Keith Lee earned a chance to challenge Drew McIntyre and win the WWE title. He defeated Sheamus, after an argument that set their clash off. The two called out one another during McIntyre’s promo, and in no time, the brawl began.

Eventually, Lee won, with his final blow coming via pinfall that followed a Spirit Bomb. He will clash with the champion next week on Raw, and McIntyre already stated that he expects one hell of a fight between the two.

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Miz lost his battle against Gran Metalik, solely because of his anger over not getting the Money in the Bank, and Metalik used that to record a win. However, the Miz would finally lay hands on the MIB contract, with Adam Pearce handing him the briefcase after the match, suggesting that his previous claims on John Morrison’s cashing in were right.

There will be plenty of action in the upcoming days. One WWE event is coming up already this Wednesday, NXT in Orlando, Florida.


On January 1, the fans are going to see two spectacles, the SmackDown and 205 Live, both in Florida as well.

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