Monday’s RAW Indicates Explosive WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre Intimidates Bobby Lashley

Monday’s RAW Indicates Explosive WrestleMania, Drew McIntyre Intimidates Bobby Lashley

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Last night’s RAW was a perfect intro for the upcoming WrestleMania, with Randy Orton and The Fiend heating the tension before the spectacle set for April 10. But this Monday’s RAW wasn’t only about that, as we saw more action and another prelude, the one for the clash between Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre.

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The two are about the meet at WrestleMania as well, but it seems that McIntyre might have a slight edge in that bout. But to start from the beginning.

Lashley was better than Sheamus via submission following a Hurt Lock. Cedric Alexander jumped in for the moment during the decisive sequence, and Lashley used this convenient situation to set up a submission.

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After the battle, the brawl between the Hurt Business and Sheamus continued before McIntyre’s intervention. He would save Sheamus, chasing Alexander and Benjamin, but stayed in front of Lashley and the MVP, trying to provoke one of them to throw the first punch.

After that, Alexander and Benjamin challenged McIntyre, and the former champ did accept that but with one condition. Since this was a handicap match, McIntyre wanted something in return – in case of his victory, the Hurt Business will be banned from WrestleMania. After his rivals agreed, the fight proceeded, and McIntyre won, even though he was inches away from being defeated on several occasions.

This development presents a huge blow for Lashley, who expected to have some help from these guys. On the other side, Drew McIntyre gained a big mental edge, disturbing the current champion.

Randy Orton summoned The Fiend, with many believing that he might set him on fire, but it seems that the Viper left that for their direct meeting. After an RKO, Alexa Bliss stepped in, and while she distracted Orton, The Fiend transitioned into Sister Abigail attacking back.

However, everything stopped while Alexa Bliss pointed towards the WrestleMania sign, indicating that the two will probably clash at that event.

With the feud between the two going on for a while, their final battle should be explosive and unforgettable.

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It seems that this spectacle is going to be one of the most interesting this year, stacked with interesting fights and surprises. Along with already knowing a few of the bouts, the fans hope to see several blockbusting appearances that nobody expects.

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