The Baltimore Ravens Beat The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Handing Tom Brady His Third Consecutive Defeat

The Baltimore Ravens Beat The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Handing Tom Brady His Third Consecutive Defeat

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What a disastrous situation for the legendary quarterback and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens by a score of 27-22 on Thursday evening in a game that wasn’t precisely as competitive as the scoreline.

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It was also notable because Brady, a former NFL MVP, was facing up against another former NFL MVP, and he lost all three games for the first time in twenty years, appearing like a shadow of his former self.

The Ravens (5-3) finally broke a depleted Buccaneers defense by rushing for a staggering 231 yards and ended two drives with precise TD passes from Lamar Jackson. He passed for 238 yards and didn’t throw any interceptions. However, the Buccaneers were unable to stop the Ravens’ ground game.

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Even Brady, who completed 26 of 44 passes for 325 yards, didn’t throw an interception. During his lethargic effort at Raymond James Stadium, which was marred by near-misses, missed opportunities, and inaccurate passes, he could only throw one touchdown pass, which came on fourth down near the end of the fourth quarter.

It was a continuation of an unlucky pattern for Brady’s team, which only converted four of thirteen third downs and gained 44 yards on the ground (2.9 yards per carry). And despite having three opportunities to score inside the 15-yard line, the Buccaneers had to settle for field goals from Ryan Succop all three times.

What’s the matter?

When asked to evaluate the long list of offensive problems, Brady answered, “pretty much everything.” Location in the danger zone. It’s the third down. The game of constant motion. Short-yardage. Backed up (with field position). The beginning of the final quarter of the game. At the beginning of the third quarter

Because of the list’s length and the defense’s list, first-year Bucs head coach Todd Bowles is forced to contemplate making significant alterations.

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Bowles stated that we were going to discuss everything and everything throughout this weekend. Everything is up for grabs when you’re not pulling ahead in the game.

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