Bobby Lashley Breaks Up Hurt Business, Puts a Bounty on Drew McIntyre

Bobby Lashley Breaks Up Hurt Business, Puts a Bounty on Drew McIntyre

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There was a lot of action during the last night’s WWE Raw, and the most important news is that there is no more Hurt Business. Bobby Lashley provoked a nasty breakup as he beat both Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

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Everything started when Lashley put a bounty on Drew McIntyre, primarily because his partners from the Hurt Business, Alexander and Benjamin, weren’t able to stop the Scot from endangering Lashley’s throne. After a short argument, the champion said that his partners are incompetent, which evolved into an open brawl that ended with Lashley defeating his new rivals.

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Benjamin was near a surprise, but he couldn’t finish Lashley, who eventually got away from a pretty nasty position, catching Benjamin into a Hurt Lock and defeating him. In the meantime, Cedric Alexander didn’t want to risk him being beaten, and he retreated after seeing what happened to Benjamin.

As for McIntyre, he was constantly challenging Lashley, but once he heard the news about a bounty on his head, the former champion went wild, challenging everyone to try to collect the same. At first, he stepped into the RAW Locker Room, where he tried to find someone who would go after him. The only person who accepted the challenge was Ricochet.

The match was pretty intense, with McIntyre starting aggressively, but Ricochet responded with the same measure. Once the battle moved outside the ring, Ricochet had an initiative, yet McIntyre managed to cool out the opponent before outpowering him.

The Scot had another fight shortly after this one, with Mustafa Ali attacking him and trying to get his breakthrough in the WWE. However, that adventure finished nasty for Ali, who later felt what it is like to be smashed by McIntyre, who had no trouble posting another win.

Following this brawl, McIntyre kept on calling out Lashley, who didn’t make any moves. It seems that he knew about King Corbin’s plan to ambush McIntyre and hurt him, which is why he kept out of any trouble.

King Corbin attacked McIntyre, sneaking out behind his back, and both he and Lashley easily beat McIntyre, with the champion locking a Hurt Lock to finish the job.

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One other interesting moment of the event was yet another appearance of Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss, with the two heating up the tension before Orton’s and The Fiend’s match.

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