On Monday Night Football, The Chicago Bears Thrashed The QB-Less New England Patriots

On Monday Night Football, The Chicago Bears Thrashed The QB-Less New England Patriots

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During the second quarter, time was running out, and Justin Fields found himself in an increasingly precarious position as the pocket around him began to collapse. One defender was going at him from the right, another was rounding about on his left, and a third was heading directly at him.

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One of the rushers was fooled by a simple pump fake performed quickly. Fields veered to the left, narrowly avoiding another arm raised, and then stutter-stepped to the right to fit through a gap on the verge of collapse. After that, a dash for the sideline resulted in Chicago gaining 20 yards on a third-and-14 play, putting the team closer to scoring a field goal.

On Monday night, Fields led the Chicago Bears to a 33-14 victory over the New England Patriots by passing for 179 yards, scoring a touchdown, running for 82 yards, and scoring another touchdown. He also converted five third downs with his legs and five more with his arm, a total of ten for the game.

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According to Matthew Judon, who plays linebacker for the Patriots, he kept the drives moving forward. When we’d arrive at third and long, it appeared like he would find a running lane and either pick it up with his feet or make a throw. So said, he would maintain the forward momentum of the chains. There was nothing that we could say to him in response.

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The Bears are currently in the lead with a score of 10-0 thanks to a touchdown that was scored by Fields on a run of 3 yards in the first quarter. Fields threw a 25-yard touchdown throw to Khalil Herbert to start a stretch of 23 unanswered points after New England took a 14-10 lead when Bailey Zappe came off the bench to substitute Mac Jones and led the Patriots to two touchdowns.

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