After Kyrie Irving’s Anti-Semitic Social Media Statement, The Brooklyn Nets And He Will Each Donate $500,000 To Help End Hate

After Kyrie Irving’s Anti-Semitic Social Media Statement, The Brooklyn Nets And He Will Each Donate $500,000 To Help End Hate

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After Irving endorsed an anti-Semitic film on his social media platform the previous week, the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving decided to donate one million dollars to organizations that work toward eliminating hate and intolerance. These organizations include:

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Irving has been subjected to much criticism since he tweeted a link to the documentary Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America, which Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai has characterized as being filled with antisemitic misinformation. On Saturday night, Irving doubled down on his position, saying the “Anti-Semitic charge that is being placed on me is not justifiable” despite loud censure from the NBA, the Nets, and past players.

On Wednesday, the seven-time All-Star gave the appearance of changing his mind when he announced that he and the Nets would each donate $500,000 to support educational initiatives within our community. Irving acknowledged that he was in the wrong, but he did not apologize to the people he insulted.

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Irving made his statements with the Anti-Defamation League and the Brooklyn Nets in a joint statement. ” IRVING STATED, “I abhor all kinds of intolerance and injustice and stand strong with groups who are marginalized and impacted every day” (ADL).

The impact of my post on the Jewish community was detrimental, and I accept responsibility for that, he concluded. There were many things in the documentary that I disagreed with or that didn’t ring true to my beliefs and principles.

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However, I am a person who is meant to learn from people from all walks of life, and I want to do so by keeping an open mind and being willing to pay attention. Therefore, on behalf of my family and myself, I assure everyone that we did not intend any harm to any particular group of people, regardless of their race or religion. Instead, we aspire to be shining examples of honesty and illumination.

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