Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Set for July 24, Sources Say

Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder Set for July 24, Sources Say

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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder reached a verbal agreement about their new, third, fight the sources close to both fighters reported this Thursday evening. Per the same sources, this spectacle should occur on July 24.

Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua Agree to a Two-Fight Deal

The arbitration ruling delivered recently disrupted all the plans for seeing one of the biggest matches in the past 20 years. The fight between Fury and Anthony Joshua would be for the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world and one of the most lucrative sporting events in the history of combat sports.

However, the arbitrator decided that Fury has to meet with Wilder before his bout with Joshua. It immediately caused massive speculations among the boxing analysts about the future of the division. Some believed that Fury might pay a step-aside fee to Wilder, others predicted that the Brit and the American might get an arrangement that would guarantee Wilder a fight with Fury if he defeats Joshua, etc.

In the end, it seems that there won’t be any battle for the unanimous champion, but more likely the clash for the WBC title, which is in Fury’s possession right now. The Gypsy King, as the fans call him, defeated Wilder in their last meeting, stripping the Bronze Bomber off of his belt.

The sources suggest that the likely venue of the fight is in Las Vegas, and that the primary date is July 24. If something comes up, the backup date is August 14.

Bob Arum, one of Fury’s promoters, stated that the contract should be signed and formalized in the days to come. Arum also added his client (Fury) would get 60% of the profits, while Wilder receives 40%. He didn’t mention anything linked with the failed fight with Joshua.

Some of the fans hope to see Fury quickly and successfully finishing the job against the American, and after that, booking a match vs. Joshua.

As for AJ, he called out his compatriot on several occasions, often trash-talking and calling Fury a coward. According to his promoter, Eddie Hearn, the next opponent for the three-belt champion could be Oleksandr Usik, who is the mandatory challenger for AJ’s WBO title.


The boxing pundits suggest that this match could be organized pretty quickly (some say until the end of November) because Usik already expressed his desire to meet with the 31-year old Watford-born.

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