Max Verstappen’s Dominant Performance in Austria, Adds Win No.5 This Season

Max Verstappen’s Dominant Performance in Austria, Adds Win No.5 This Season

Credit: Wikimedia Commons (Image Link)

Red Bull’s driver, Max Verstappen, won the Austrian Grand Prix today, dominating the entire race and increasing his lead in the drivers’ standings.

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The young Dutchman used the pole position and led throughout the entire race, adding another powerful display of power to this season’s account. Apart from winning the race, Verstappen notched an additional point for the fastest lap of the race.

Valtteri Bottas finished second, though he was constantly held back behind Lewis Hamilton. The latter had some issues with his vehicle, with the strict commands coming from the box, which prohibited the Fin from overtaking his teammate. He lost valuable seconds behind the champion instead of using his very good tempo in chasing down Max.

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Hamilton was eventually fourth, but his performance was pale, as the Brit struggled to have a proper tempo. He was second for most of the time, but McLaren’s Lando Norris jumped over him, and after that, Lewis had to visit the box to change tires which is why he ended up one place away from the podium.

As for Norris, this was his third podium since the start of the season, and may we add that the 21-year old Brit looks impressive during this campaign.

Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz Jr was fifth, Sergio Perez from Red Bull one place behind, while Daniel Ricciardo ended seventh. Charles Leclerc had another disappointing weekend, as he finished eighth. Despite improving four places from the start, the Prancing Horse’s star is slowly fading away. It seems that Leclerc won’t be having a pleasant first year as the No.1 driver in the team.

Two more places inside the top ten were Pierre Gasly from Alpha Tauri and the former world champion, Fernando Alonso, who drives Alpine.

Verstappen leads the drivers’ standings with 182 points, 32 more than the reigning champion, Lewis Hamilton. Far behind is Sergio Perez, who has 1024, three more than Norris, and we expect to see one very interesting battle for the third place here. Bottas is fifth with 92, while Leclerc has 62 points so far.

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Red Bull leads the way with 286 points in the constructors’ championship, while Mercedes has 242. McLaren is third 141, and Ferrari sits fourth 122. After the big four come Alpha Tauri with 48, Aston Martin 44, and Apline 32. The only left team with points is Alpha Romeo – 2.

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