Amid Backlash From His Social Media Post, Kyrie Irving Remains Silent On Tuesday

Amid Backlash From His Social Media Post, Kyrie Irving Remains Silent On Tuesday

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On Tuesday, Kyrie Irving remained silent when asked by reporters about the aftermath of his sharing a link to an antisemitic film on social networks. The Brooklyn Nets are still considering how to respond.

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Despite Irving’s defiant defense of his freedom to post whatever he believes after Saturday’s game, the Nets decided not to have him comment after Tuesday’s game because general manager Sean Marks didn’t want to raise another stir.

Marks stated that everyone is aware that he would eventually be required to respond to these questions and that he has not been one to shy away from answering them in the past. Nonetheless, the last postgame meeting did not go well, and we’re not trying to hide it. This is an issue that needs to be handled, but let’s address it in the correct form and method.

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In the Nets’ 108-99 loss to the Bulls, Irving scored a season low four points. In addition, he had a poor shooting night, going 2 for 12 with no 3-pointers made.

Marks denied that the team’s Tuesday firing of coach Steve Nash was due to the Irving scandal. But it’s further trouble for a squad that’s already having problems on and off the court. At Monday night’s Nets game against the Pacers, some fans wore shirts reading “Fight Antisemitism” to show their support for the team.

Let’s be honest here; I get it. Marks declared, “I absolutely empathize with what’s going on here.” On the other hand, I’m not exactly pleased with where we’ve landed. Although he removed the tweet on Sunday, Irving did not address the media following Monday’s game.

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Marks has stated that the group is consulting the Anti-Defamation League about how to proceed with Irving. Until then, Irving will keep playing but remain silent for at least one more game.

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