Three-Time Olympic Champion Sun Yang Has His 8-Year Doping Ban Overturned

Three-Time Olympic Champion Sun Yang Has His 8-Year Doping Ban Overturned

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Swiss federal court, the highest instance in this country, overturned an 8-year ban for the three-time Olympic swimming champion, Sun Yang from China. The news shook the sports world earlier today, after being revealed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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This February, Yang received a ban on competing for the next eight years, following an investigation and a trial executed by the Court of Arbitration for Sports. The Chinese allegedly didn’t want to work with the sample collectors back in 2018, once they turned up at his home. Several incidents happened at the time, which resulted in a massive scandal.

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The decision of the Swiss court was made following several objections of Yang’s lawyers, who were trying to delegitimize the chairmen of a CAS’ three-person panel, the former Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini. The two had a very intense clash back in November 2019 at one hearing in front of numerous media. Yang accused Frattini of being hostile towards the Chinese state and himself, with the Italian being unfriendly as well.

Frattini and the athlete even used some words that are way out of boundaries in these cases and situations, making it personal.

Yang discovered Twitter posts of the Italian diplomat, which were against the treatment of the dogs in China. But in those statements, Frattini went too far, labeling the entire Chinese citizens.

“Those horrible sadic Chinese are the shame of mankind !! For how they torture animals, they deserve the evil every day! And the Chinese authorities tolerate and encourage,” he said.

This was just one of many scandals in this case. One other that drew massive attention was the tempering with the blood sample that eventually made them useless for further testing. According to the prosecutors, one of the Chinese swimmer’s security guards took a hammer and smashed the object containing the sample, making him worthless for further testing.

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What makes this situation even more shocking is that the security guard allegedly received instructions from Yang’s mother to destroy the object.

Per several sources, Yang wants to buy himself enough time to enter the procedure for the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo and avoid the sentencing until the games start. Others are suggesting that he wants to overturn the entire verdict.


The chances for such an outcome are pretty low because CAS reverses its decisions once or twice per year.

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