European Soccer Powerhouses Want to Form Super League, Blockbusting Changes at Sight

European Soccer Powerhouses Want to Form Super League, Blockbusting Changes at Sight

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The richest clubs in Europe announced their intention to form a new competition, the Super League, which would shake the foundation of soccer as we know it.

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Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal, plus three teams from Spain, Atletico and Real Madrid, Barcelona and three Italian powerhouses, Inter, AC Milan and Juventus, came out with the plan of forming the Super League, which would have no ties to any official (UEFA, FIFA) soccer governing bodies.

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From all seen yesterday and this morning, it seems that these clubs want a more significant portion of profits which is why they decided to “flee” from UEFA and start their private league. According to some sources, the financial support for this action comes from JP Morgan Bank, which allegedly secured $6 billion.

Per sources, the league should have two more German and one French team, plus five other sides introduced through qualifications. Those 20 teams would play during midweek so that the national championships wouldn’t be endangered.

The first president of the Super League is Florentino Perez, Real Madrid‘s chairman.

As soon as the story broke out in the media, a massive negative backlash hit all the above-mentioned teams. UEFA and the national associations are against the Super League, and they threaten to take legal and other actions against anyone who joins the same.

Premier League already issued the warning that clubs who play in the SL will have consequences and might be banned from domestic competitions. UEFA stated that all players involved in such a project wouldn’t have the opportunity of representing their teams in international competitions.

On the other side, the fans around Europe are all angry at the rich teams for “trying to steal” football as many say. The ultras supporters of the powerhouses who want to form the league already stated their disbelief with the news, adding that they won’t attend any of those games. Some even indicated protests and possible problems in the future.

All this comes when UEFA wants to reorganize the Champions League and change its format to satisfy the rich clubs and their appetites for profits.

It seems that Sunday’s actions are just the beginning of seismic changes and something that might reshape the entire landscape of soccer as we know it.

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More news is expected in the days to come, so stay tuned and follow for fresh updates on this situation.

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