Mike Tyson’s and Roy Jones’ Fight Ends With a Draw, Jake Logan Ko’s Nate Robinson

Mike Tyson’s and Roy Jones’ Fight Ends With a Draw, Jake Logan Ko’s Nate Robinson

Credit: Sportswire

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr had their super fight this Saturday night, which ended with a draw after the judges’ decision.

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The entire boxing community was gathered around this charity contest, and even though it didn’t carry any competitive meaning with it, the names involved drew unreal attention.

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Two guys who stepped in the sixth decay showed that they still know how to dance in the ring and that some much younger colleagues should study their moves and learn from arguably the best ever in their divisions.

Jones was going around Tyson in the first two rounds, initiating a clinch each time the youngest heavyweight champion in history went forward. He would open up and be more aggressive in the fourth, but Iron Mike landed a few nasty body punches as a counter-attack.

The entire bout saw lots of clinches, with the referee in the ring, Ray Corona, often stepping in and separating the rivals one from another.

Jones had his most dangerous sequence in the fourth, creating a combo that wouldn’t shake Tyson, but was looking pretty hard. From that moment on, the situation in the ring was leaning in Tyson’s favor, with him occasionally landing strong punches and waiting for his chance to finish the fight with a KO.

In the end, the judges scored 80-76 for Tyson, 79-73 for Jones, and 76-76. Even though Tyson had more significant strikes, and more strikes overall, he wouldn’t win this fight, but the bottom line is that nobody cared about the outcome as long as it had a chance to see two legends once again.

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This clash at Staples Center lasted for eight two-minute rounds.

Before this encounter, the fans saw the former NBA player Nate Robinson having an unsuccessful boxing debut against the YouTube star, Jake Paul. Paul demolished his opponent, who was knocked out cold at 1:35 of the second round, with a vicious overhand right that saw Robinson dropping to the canvas. It wasn’t the first time for the former NBA Dunk contest champion to land on the ground, as Paul sent him twice before that final trip.


After the match, Paul stated that he wants to see Conor McGregor opposite him inside the ring, adding that he feels prepared for much serious challenges than he previously had.

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