The Stage Is Being Set For The Dolphins, The NFL, And The New Concussion Guidelines With The Return Of Tua Tagovailoa

The Stage Is Being Set For The Dolphins, The NFL, And The New Concussion Guidelines With The Return Of Tua Tagovailoa

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Tagovailoa will play for the Miami Dolphins when they meet the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football despite having suffered a concussion, had two embarrassing falls shown on national television, the Dolphins losing three games in a row, and consulting four specialists who specialize in head injuries.

However, it is a reasonable inquiry to make. Particularly after Tagovailoa described the unpleasant event in Cincinnati, where he fell to the ground with his arms raised in a fencing stance in reaction to the blow to the head.

And what occurred on September 29—when he was carried off the field on a stretcher, barely four days after he fell again—this time without being knocked out—and rebounded to help the team beat the Bills on September 25.

Tagovailoa stated last week during his first media briefing after suffering a concussion against the Bengals that “I would still not say it was worrisome for me at the moment due to the moment where I was unresponsive, so I couldn’t recognize what was happening on.” Tagovailoa had his concussion while playing for the Bengals.

Up until the time when I was tackled, I remember every detail of the evening. I don’t recall anything from after I was attacked. I don’t recall being carted off, Tagovailoa continued. However, there are details that I remember from my time in the ambulance and the hospital.

What I saw was shocking. Tagovailoa’s statements are a cause for concern. But Tagovailoa’s comeback will be another nationally televised spectacle with a lot at stake.

The Dolphins are looking for their fourth victory of the season. Fifty years have passed since their perfect 1972 season, and they commemorate the occasion with a party. And Brian Flores, the former Dolphins head coach who did not get along well with Tagovailoa and is now suing multiple clubs and the NFL for racial prejudice, is back with the Steelers as a defensive assistant.

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