MLB Releases Schedule For All 30 Teams

MLB Releases Schedule For All 30 Teams

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Yesterday was monumental for Major League Baseball. With the return of the sport set to take place later this month, the MLB Network broke down the schedule for all 30-teams.

On a day where the Yankees played an intra-squad game, the MLB showed a sense of normalcy with the release of the modified 2020 season. Headlining Opening Day will be the New York Yankees taking on the Washington Nationals, while the San Francisco Giants pay a visit to the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The breakdown of the MLB schedule includes 10 games against each of the other teams in their division, for a total of 40 games. On top of the divisional games, teams will play 20 interleague games against the corresponding geographic division (AL East vs. NL East, etc.).

Opening night will see Max Scherzer return to the mound for Washington. The defending World Series champions will get a taste of Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees and is one of the most intriguing matchups we will see all season.

The schedule faced criticism as the majority of weekday games will be played at night. This comes at a time in which many fans of the sport are working from home or are restricted from usual nighttime activities.

Critics also denounced the schedule as this could be the perfect time for kids to see baseball all day long, but instead will need to select certain games at night.

Many feel that this pandemic could allow for games throughout the day, similar to the NFL’s (usual) schedule on Sundays, with games spread out throughout the day into the evening.

Do you agree with the MLB’s outlined schedule? This seems like the perfect opportunity to have baseball all day, but the league went with a different approach. Either way, the league should see ratings increase with the pandemic and more fans staying at home.’s price will be slashed in half for this season, so fans can still get their fix of baseball at a reduced price.

The final weekend of the season takes place between September 24 to 27, with playoffs beginning shortly after.

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