Man Up, Dan Snyder. You Can No Longer Claim To Be The Leader Of The Washington Commander

Man Up, Dan Snyder. You Can No Longer Claim To Be The Leader Of The Washington Commander

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Dan Snyder’s tenure as owner of the Washington Commanders ends in three months at the earliest and as long as three years from now.

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His image, such as it is, will survive his departure. He can either get along with the other owners and help the team and league he claims to love to succeed, or he may fight them and further sink the organization into the mire he has created. In either case, Snyder will be a few billion dollars richer, and a new owner will take over the Commanders.

Only Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, publicly criticized Snyder on Tuesday, pointing out the harm he’s done to all 32 franchises. Let’s be clear, though; in expressing what other owners are aware of, Irsay gave Snyder the notice that he needs to go.

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At the NFL’s fall conference, Irsay told the media, “I consider that there’s reason to eliminate him as owner.” This is something that has to be discussed again. We need to carefully consider all of the available evidence before moving further. However, it merits serious attention.

In response to a question about whether Irsay believes there are enough votes to compel Snyder to sell, he stated, “I think perhaps there will be.” Still, time will tell.
The statements posted by Irsay on their own are shocking. But, when it comes to keeping quiet about anything that can bring disrepute to the NFL or its franchise owners, the Mafia is like a panel of hosts on a daytime talk show in comparison.

When you look back and think about who conveyed the message and how people reacted, it becomes evident that this was all planned out.

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ESPN reported last week that Snyder had engaged private investigators to gather intel on NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and other team owners, including Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. On the other hand, Irsay can speak openly because his shortcomings are well-known; this may differ from other owners

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