A Historic Home Run By J.T. Realmuto Helped The Philadelphia Phillies Win The World Series

A Historic Home Run By J.T. Realmuto Helped The Philadelphia Phillies Win The World Series

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It is no longer shocking to learn that the Philadelphia Phillies will defend their World Series title. Instead, the Phillies can now begin to anticipate victory. There is no reason for J.T. Realmuto to take a day off from his catching duties. Nobody spends more time squatting behind the plate than you do.

To answer your question, yes, he is more agile, athletic, and quicker than practically everyone else on a baseball field. His regimen of preventative care to stay that way is almost legendary.

And they can rely on Realmuto, more than anyone else, to come through for them this month, in his first taste of postseason baseball, as they progress through each round and the stakes get higher. This is because Realmuto is the player they can rely on to deliver when it counts the most.

Realmuto’s knack for brilliance was on display in the first game of the World Series on Friday night, and it helped make history.

Realmuto and Carlton Fisk would be standing next to one other after Realmuto’s hard swing on a full-count, 98 mph fastball from Houston Astros right-hander Luis Garcia pushed the ball toward the right center to start the 10th inning.

But, on the other hand, Realmuto and the rest of his team had a different idea than they did when Fisk was waving the ball fair, and it went off the foul pole at Fenway Park to win Game 6 of the World Series in 1975.

Kyle Schwarber remembers that we were all yelling at each other to “Get up,” but I’m pretty sure we assumed the fire had already been put out.

And when the ball found its way into the seats in right field, Realmuto made history by becoming the first catcher to hit a home run in an extra-inning game since Carlton Fisk’s historic walk off.

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