Young Gianluca Busio Saves One Point for Sporting KC Against New York Red Bulls, 2-2

Young Gianluca Busio Saves One Point for Sporting KC Against New York Red Bulls, 2-2

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In the last game of the MLS weekend programme, the SKC and New York Red Bulls played an interesting and exciting game to watch. The final result was 2-2.

Once again the young Gianluca Busio ended up being the star in Sporting Kansas City’s games. The 16-year scored an equalizer just two minutes before the end of the game, doing that after entering the game in the 66th minute.

The game saw the home team taking the lead after 24 minutes of play when Johnny Russell scored his fourth goal of the season in the MLS campaign. The execution was nicely set up by Graham Zusi and Krisztian Nemeth who worked between themselves before the Hungarian international sent the ball towards Russell.

Overall the first part of the match saw SKC having the initiative, and taking the bigger share of the ball possession, but nothing happened until the end of that sequence.

The second 45 minutes opened with Red Bulls equalizing very quickly. It was the 52nd minute when Daniel Royer beat Tim Melia, rounding the 32-year old and putting the ball into the empty net.

Some 15 minutes before the end of the game, Brian White who went in just three minutes earlier shocked the Children’s Mercy Park with a nice header after Kaku’s cross from the left.

The home team started to pressure and to be aggressive in the hope of equalizing this game, which was supposed to bring them all three points.

Luckily for them, Busio was at the right place at the right time, and following one corner and the crowd in the box, the youngster reacted well on the far post of Lusi Robles’ goal and tipped in the ball behind the line.

One point from this match looks bigger to the guests, who opened this season under expectations.

At the moment, the Red Bulls played 6 games, and have just one victory, two draws, and three defeats.

SKC isn’t much better either. Peter Vermes’ boys have two wins, three draws, and a loss. But their state of mind is not so great after suffering a huge beating in the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals. Monterrey defeated them 10-2 in two games.


Up next SKC goes to San Jose, and the NYRB go to NEw England.

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