WWE Announces Booker T and Stevie Ray Entering Hall Of Fame As Tag Team Harlem Heat

WWE Announces Booker T and Stevie Ray Entering Hall Of Fame As Tag Team Harlem Heat

Source: WWE

WWE legend Booker T will once again be entering the WWE Hall of Fame, this time with his brother Stevie Ray. It was recently announced that Harlem Heat, “one of the most dominant tag teams of the 1990’s” would be inducted into the Hall of Fame at this year’s ceremonies.

Booker T (real name Robert Huffman) and Stevie Ray (real name Lash Huffman) would have early success as The Ebony Experience in the Global Wrestling Federation winning the GWF Tag Team titles a total of three times. The would leave the promotion in August 1993 to join World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

They would rename themselves Harlem Heat with Booker going by the name of Kole and Lash as Kane. In 1994 they would revert back to the ring names they were are known by today and add manager Sister Sherri (Sherri Martel also known as Sensational Sherri).

During their time with the promotion they would win the WCW World Tag Team titles a record 10 times, first securing the belts on December 8, 1994 over Stars And Stripes (Buff Bagwell and The Partiot). They feuded with other top tag teams in the company including The Nasty Boys, Sting and Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers and Public Enemy.

Harlem Heat would hold the titles for a 470 days over their 10 reigns, which puts them in third place in top combined reigns behind The Steiner Brothers and The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Gene, Lars, Ole and Arn Anderson).

The brothers would end their run in the WCW with a feud between one another, started when Midnight was added to Harlem Heat. Stevie Ray was not pleased with her joining the group and challenged her to a match. If he won, she would have to leave the team. Midnight surprised Stevie with a small package, leading to the team splitting up and the brothers feuding.

When Vince McMahon purchased the WCW, Booker T continued his career with the WWE while brother Stevie decided to step away from the sport. Booker voiced his surprise that the WWE was honoring Harlem Heat as the brothers never competed together in the WWE. Booker T told USA Today;

“It was surprising, actually, I guess because one reason, my brother and I, we never actually wrestled in the WWE. My brother took a step aside at that point in time because he had a daughter, and he wanted to see her grow up and see her go to college. He got a chance to do that. But our career in WCW was awesome.”


Other inductees announced for the 2019 Class of the WWE Hall Of Fame include;
– D-Generation X
– Honky Tonk Man
– Torrie Wilson

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