Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Provide An Epic Show Which Ended With A Draw

Tyson Fury And Deontay Wilder Provide An Epic Show Which Ended With A Draw

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The fight everybody so impatiently waited for so long, between Deontay Wilder (40-0-1) and Tyson Fury (29-0-1) finished with a draw.

Last night in front of 18,00 spectator at Staples Center the current WBC heavyweight champion Wilder and the former WBA, IBF, WBO and IBO champion Tyson Fury put up a memorable fight.

The judges decided for this one to be evenly split, after Alejandro Rochin scored 115-111 for the champ, Robert Trapper 114-112 for the challenger and Phil Edward’s neutral scoring 113-113.

To be completely clear, any other outcome would have been unfair and despite what some might think, a draw is the most realistic.

Fury went down on the floor twice during the match, in 9th and in the final 12th round. The latter knockdown was believed to be a fatal one, but the Gipsy King as he likes to call himself, amazed everyone in the arena, including Wilder and stood up. Not only did he recovered, but also managed to neutralize Wilder’s wave with several accurate punches which could have turned everything in his favour.

Until round nine, Fury was a better boxer. He managed to avoid Wilder’s hard punches, and to lay several vicious hits himself. With almost 45 pounds more than his opponent, the Irishman moved excellently, now allowing for the champion to have some serious combination. Truly, Fury did impress with his physical condition.

Wilder was aggressive, and he threw more punches 430, but only 71 reached the target. Meanwhile, from 327 attempts, 84 of Fury’s strikes landed on Wilder.

There is no doubt that he would have won this one, if it weren’t for those two vicious knockdowns. But that is, in fact, Wilder’s style of boxing. He is a tremendous one-puncher, and 39 KO’s in 41 matches are clear proof of our claim.

According to both guys, they are ready to have a rematch, regardless of the place and time. Unlike before the event, they were very friendly when the contest concluded. Both fighters expressed mutual respect to one another, and according to their words, they are the two best heavyweights in the world.


Fury also sent a message to Anthony Joshua, right from the ring, stating that he is a “chicken”, and calling him to show up and get ready.

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