Tom Brady Joins Twitter And Plays April Fools’ Day Joke

Tom Brady Joins Twitter And Plays April Fools’ Day Joke


New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a rarity and not just because of his incredible ability to play at such a high level for as long as he has. No, he is a rarity because he is an insanely popular and polarizing athlete that has gone through the bulk of his career without joining Twitter.

To be fair, he has had a social media presence. In the past, he has posted some wildly entertaining content to Facebook. But he has not been on Twitter—until today. So, what does he say in his first tweet?

He retires.

The tweet was sent at 9:19 AM, and as could be expected, drew a number of responses ranging from respectful to disbelief and everything in between. It wasn’t just fans chiming in with a response, either. Within the first hour the tweet was live some notable responses were sent.

  • Buffalo Wild Wings welcomed Brady to Twitter, and in case he didn’t know, informed him Twitter doesn’t come with an edit button.
  • The Patriots posted a GIF of actor Steve Carrell making a mean face.
  • Michigan Football posted a GIF of Brady waving to the crowd while being applauded by current players.

A former teammate of Brady’s, Teddy Bruschi wasn’t falling for it, though. He called Brady out and simply said “Twitter rookie move.”

Of course, for every person that responded in the apparent belief that Brady was indeed announcing his retirement on Twitter, there was someone who saw the tweet for what it was—a great April Fools’ Day joke.

About an hour after sending the first tweet, he sent his second:

The responses came fast and furious and are everything you would expect them to be.

Every fan that was fooled has probably also heard Brady talk about playing well into his 40’s and how he has no desire to retire anytime soon. But just because that is what he has said in the past, doesn’t mean he can’t change his mind. He could have woken up Monday morning and felt every bit the 42-year old NFL veteran that he is.


No one would have faulted him if he had been retiring—but he isn’t. Better luck next time, fans of every other team in the NFL.

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