Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Henry Blows Up Jaguars Defense On TNF With 4 TD’s – Titans Win 30-9

Tennessee Titans’ Derrick Henry Blows Up Jaguars Defense On TNF With 4 TD’s – Titans Win 30-9

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The Tennessee Titans smashed Jacksonville Jaguars this Thursday with 30-9 sending a message that they simply dominate in this matchup.

For the second year in a row, the Titans swept Jags in direct matchups, proving to be an unsolving enigma for their divisional rivals.

This game is historical, and the reason for such a thing is Derrick Henry, Tennessee’s running back. The 24-year old entered every sportsbook, with his 99-yard touchdown run, which tied the longest one in the history of the NFL.

The way he did it is nothing less impressive. He demolished three defensive players using his stiff-arm, annihilating the whole secondary of the Jaguars team.

It was Tony Dorsett who held this record alone, from more than 35 years, but now he will have a companion.

But Henry didn’t stop here. He recorded four touchdowns and carried the ball for 238 yards in only 16 runs becoming one of the few people in who had 200 yards of rushing and less than 20 carries.

He is the first with 200 yards and four touchdowns from that much carries. He might have scored a few times more, but Henry wanted his fellow teammate to play instead of him, so that he has the opportunity of posting one touchdown.

As for the game, the Jaguars never really had a chance against high-flying Titans. Both offense and defense were not up to the task, and despite a solid performance from the new starting quarterback Cody Kessler who threw 240 yards for one touchdown, with one fumble, the visitors were looking like amateurs at some points.

Jags made safety in the first quarter and almost reached to a touchdown, but the Titans defense held them at the one-yard line for three downs not allowing Fournette to get into the end zone. From that position, Henry did his work, and the home team went to a 13-2 lead. After that, it was all routine for the boys from Nashville.

Marcus Mariota threw 162 yards, 18-of-24, without a touchdown, and with one interception. But his role in last night’s event wasn’t as usual, which is why such low numbers didn’t affect his team in some negative way.

Up next the Titans who now have 7-6, go to New York, to play against the Giants. This game could mean a lot for them, because of a wild-card race.


The Jags who are 4-9, will host Washington, in the last home game of the season.

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