Sasha Banks Reportedly Tried To Quit WWE Over The Weekend

Sasha Banks Reportedly Tried To Quit WWE Over The Weekend

Source: Wikimedia Commons

WrestleMania is the biggest event in professional wrestling. It was almost the tipping point for popular superstar Sasha Banks.

It was an interesting week for Sasha Banks. She was posting cryptic tweets on Twitter about if she were to start again would she do anything different. She also posted a wall of text, stating that she wants magic again. Many fans were wondering what was going wrong with Sasha and what the tweets meant.

Adding to the confusion, Banks also pulled out of an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show.

Well, one major reason for her not attending the show and posting those tweets is that she may have tried to quit WWE over the weekend. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that she was upset that WWE decided to put the tag titles on the IIconics. The decision was apparently made at the last moment. According to the report, Banks was given time to think about the decision and will reconsider her position.

Banks and Bayley were the inaugural Women’s Tag Team Champions during Elimination Chamber. She was under the impression that she and Bayley would have a long run as champions to add credibility to the championships. Banks and Bayley reportedly tried to get Vince McMahon to create Women’s Tag Teams Championships for months.

The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view was held in the middle of February, meaning Bayley and Banks had just under two months as champions.

Reports also said that Bayley was unhappy about the entire situation as well. Banks did not appear on Raw after WrestleMania. When Alexa Bliss called out Boss ‘n’ Hug connection, it was Bayley who would answer the call.

It seems rather unlikely that WWE would grant Banks a release. With how the wrestling landscape has changed, they would rather have Banks sit on the outside and not work for WWE but still be contracted, rather than jumping ship when AEW is becoming hot.


Banks’ championship runs in the WWE has been short as a whole. Banks is a four-time Women’s Champion but has a combined reign of 76 days. Meanwhile, Bliss has 3 Raw Women’s Championship reigns, combining for 398 days.

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