Redskins QB Alex Smith Battling With More Problems After His Surgery

Redskins QB Alex Smith Battling With More Problems After His Surgery

Source: Wikimedia Commons

From bad to even worse. And beyond that. This is the closest description of Alex Smith’s situation at the moment. One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL doesn’t have the tiniest piece of luck these days.

According to various sources, Smith is now having problems with an infection which appeared after the surgery he underwent. It is said that the infection might cause another intervention and that the doctors monitor the situation closely and with utmost attention.

Current circumstances might complicate his recovery, which is already very demanding, and if by any chance he suffers another surgery, Smith’s comeback could be further away, and some even say that there won’t be one.

The DC-based franchise issued a statement earlier today, thanking all the people for support and help, but also asking for privacy at the moment, because the player and his family are going through a tough time.

Tough times are also in Washington. The Redskins’ second quarterback Colt McCoy fractured his right fibula, and he too will be sidelined for quite some time.

Such an unbelievable streak of jinxes left Marck Sanchez as the only available QB in the organization, and he doesn’t even know 20% of offensive plays, as coach Jay Gruden stated earlier this week. Sanchez was brought to be a backup for McCoy, and tho slowly learn all the actions, but it seems that this process will have to be much faster than anyone thought.

The Redskins are now without their first two QB’s and what is also problematic, one of them is the franchise leader, and the highest paid player on the team. Smith signed a four-year contract worth $94 million, with $55 million guaranteed. Many of the officials are afraid that this injury could affect his game in the long run if he recovers in the first place.

This would turn out to be a huge setback for the franchise, who already experienced a similar scenario, back in 1985, when Joe Theismann suffered a career-ending injury after Lawrence Taylor’s sack.


The question is clear. Will Alex Smith be able to play at a high level ever again?

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