Novak Djokovic Sets A New Record And Sweeps Rafael Nadal In Australian Open Finals , 3-0

Novak Djokovic Sets A New Record And Sweeps Rafael Nadal In Australian Open Finals , 3-0

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Novak Djokovic is the champions of the Australian Open. The Serb trashed his biggest rival Rafael Nadal in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3, and proved to be the undisputed ruler of male tennis.

Djokovic won the record-breaking seventh title in Melbourne today, and became the only player with such an achievement, leaving Roy Emerson and Roger Federer behind him.

It is his 15th Grand Slam title so far, third in a row, which opens a possibility for him to repeat the magical 2016 when he held all four trophies at the same time. If he does that, there would be no doubt that he is the best player of all times.

The finals lasted only 2 hours and 6 minutes, and throughout the whole contest the Joker simply dominated. Nadal wasn’t a shadow of a player who reached the trophy game without a single set lost.

Djokovic lost only 13 points on his serve, had more winners than Rafa 34-21, and fewer number of unforced errors, 9-28.

His return was working perfectly, and he used five of eight break point chances, while on the other hand, Nadal had just one and Djokovic saved it.

The Spaniard had many mistakes from his forehand during the opening set, and it was evident that he wasn’t feeling comfortable on the court as during the previous days. On the other side, Novak lost his first point while serving in the last, ninth, game, smashing the rival from all positions.

Nadal opened the second set with a little bit more confidence, but his focus vanished in the fifth set and Djokovic took his serve. Rafa had the chance for a re-break, but he failed to use it.

The closing sequence was all about Novak who was displaying fantastic tennis, while Nadal struggled to keep up the pace with him. In their 53 head-to-head matches so far, in just a few cases one of them had dominated the way Djokovic did today.

Nadal suffered the first defeat in straight sets in one Grand Slam finals.

The Serb now leads 28-25 in direct meetings, and he also leveled the overall score in Grand Slam finals to 4-4.


With this triumph, Djokovic strengthened his No.1 position in the ATP rankings, with additional 2000 points, while Nadal still sits firmly behind him.

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