NHL Expansion – Seattle Will Have A Team From The Season 2021/2022

NHL Expansion – Seattle Will Have A Team From The Season 2021/2022

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The NHL announced one very big news yesterday. The best hockey league in the world will be expanded with one team, located in Seattle.

This Tuesday, the board of the NHL allowed that Seattle adds another team to the existing organization. They will start to compete from the season 2021/2022, and it will be in the Pacific Division, instead, of Arizona. The Coyotes are going to move to the Central division.

The founders of the new franchise paid $650 million to get in, and that is 30% more than Vegas Golden Knights cashed out back in 2017, when they became the members of this league.

The group which invested in this franchise wanted to start competing a year earlier than allowed, but the board decided that it is necessary to have their arena reconstructed first. Key Arena will be the home of the Seattle’s hockey team, but it has to be adjusted first in order to fulfill the requests for this competition.

Seattle SuperSonics played here until 2008, when they went to Oklahoma, and ever since Seattle didn’t have a single male franchise which competed during the winter period. Sounders, Mariners and the Seahawks all play during summer or until the New Year. There were some rumors that one basketball team was to be brought back in Rain city, but nothing happened.

The main reason for that was the fact that city authorities didn’t want to build a new arena. Now, City Council gave $700 million for freshening up the building which used to be one of the most hostile venues in the NBA.

Seattle quickly embraced this team and in just one hour after the announcement, fans bought 10 thousand season tickets, and more than 15 thousand people did that later.

One of the owners is a famous Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Many experts are saying that there won’t be any expansions after this one, because the league now has a perfect structure. But still, there could be some relocations, and the first city which comes up when talking about that is Houston.


For now, nobody talks about this with certainty, and the franchise which might relocate isn’t identified yet.

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