New York Yankees Offer Manny Machado Contract Worth Over $200 Million

New York Yankees Offer Manny Machado Contract Worth Over $200 Million

Source: Wikimedia Commons

The Yankees are looking to improve their team and the answer may be with a player who was once a rival. Today, it was reported that the New York Yankees offered Manny Machado a $220 Million dollar contract.

Spring Training begins in less than two weeks and it appears as if there is no urgency on Machado’s part to find a ball club. The SS/3B has had multiple offers from different teams and has kept fans guessing as to where he would bring his talents to. Machado has already met with the Chicago White Sox and Philadelphia Phillies as well. There were even rumors that mystery teams are also in on the Machado sweepstakes. Apparently, Machado was looking at the highest bid, but not too many financial details have been reported just yet.

It’s known that the White Sox offered Machado a seven-year $175 Million dollar contract. According to reports, Chicago have not budged from their offer. It seems as if the Yankees’ offer to Machado is in the seven-to-eight year range.

Looking at the Yankees depth chart there is room to fit Machado. The Yankees recently signed Troy Tulowitzki and he is slotted as the starting shortstop on the Yankees depth chart. Underneath Tulo is Didi Gregorius. The 28-year-old had 27 home runs last season and 86 RBI, so it will be interesting to see if he remains the starter coming out of Spring Training.

Machado’s other position, third base, is also available to him but the Yankees are also stacked in that position. Miguel Andujar hit for 27 home runs and 92 RBI last season, batting for .297 AVG.

In 2018, Machado had 37 home runs and 107 RBI. He would be an improvement statistically on Andujar, Tulowitzki, and Gregorius, so could one of those players be moved in order to slide Machado in?


The Yankees could also bring in Machado and move everyone down a peg on the depth chart at his position. It looks as if Machado would rather play shortstop moving forward, meaning the team would need to figure out the situation with Tulo and Gregorius. Tulowitzki will become a free agent at the end of this season, while Gregorius becomes a free agent in 2020 as well.

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