New Orleans Lawyer Files Lawsuit To Force NFL To Redo End Of NFC Championship Game

New Orleans Lawyer Files Lawsuit To Force NFL To Redo End Of NFC Championship Game

Source: 22860/Flickr

Players, team owners, and even fans of NFL teams have been known to file lawsuits against the league when something doesn’t go their way. It doesn’t matter if there is any reasonable legal recourse to be had. They do it anyway because they are upset, and they want to make sure the world knows they are upset.

Fans of the New Orleans Saints have every reason to be upset with the NFL right now. It appears that there is one that has decided he needs to take legal action because of it.

A New Orleans area lawyer has filed a suit against the NFL to force Commissioner Roger Goodell to invoke a rule that many believe gives him the power to right the wrong committed by the officials in Sunday night’s NFC Championship game.

Had Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman been called for pass interference on a third and long play late in the fourth quarter, chances are the Saints would be preparing for the Super Bowl rather than the Rams.

Robey-Coleman has freely admitted to committing the foul, and the league office has said that the call was missed by the officials on the field. But since it was, the Saints had to kick a field goal on the next play rather than bleed more time off the clock.

As a result, the Rams had enough time to tie the game up and send it to overtime (where they won).

The rule the suit wants to force Goodell to invoke (Rule 17 Section 2, Article 1) gives the NFL Commissioner the ability to step in when certain conditions apply that produce what is deemed to be a grossly unfair result.


With the Super Bowl on the horizon, the suit will likely be going after emergency relief in an attempt for the last couple of minutes of the game to be replayed. It will, of course, help the suit that it has been filed with a state court who may be more inclined to compel the NFL to at least answer some hard questions about the play in question and where Rule 17 can be applied.

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