More Troubles For The Cleveland Cavaliers

More Troubles For The Cleveland Cavaliers

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Kevin Love will not be back on the court at least until the next year. This is the latest news considering the Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star.

Things couldn’t be worse for the Ohio-based franchise at the moment. Another problem came up, besides the one with JR Smith. Kevin Love addressed to the media saying that he won’t be playing for the team until the next year.

This comes as a huge blow for the Cavaliers, who were counting on the 30-year old to be back on the court in mid-December. To remind you, Love underwent surgery earlier this month, after having constant issues with his left toe.

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5-time All-Star played only 4 games this season, posting 19 points per game and 13.5 rebounds but with pretty bad shooting percentages, 32.3% from the field and only 29.2% behind the arc.

In his five seasons as a Cavalier, Kevin Love averaged 17.2 points, 10 rebounds, shooting 43.1 from the field in 275 games. Besides LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, the former Timberwolves was the last piece of a super-trio formed when he arrived from Minneapolis, back in 2014.

Lastly, he stayed the only one after that core fell apart, and decided to stick around until 2023, after signing a four-year contract extension this summer, worth $120 million.

There are some speculations that the Cavaliers organization doesn’t want to rush with Love’s comeback, in order to tank the season more successfully and increase their chances of getting the No.1 lottery pick in the upcoming NBA Draft. In fact, they were accused by JR Smith of doing the same back on Monday night, which is why the veteran guard has been removed from the team.

Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett are game changers who could launch Cleveland back into orbit once again after LeBron left for Los Angeles. These two guys( if eligible for the upcoming summer, and all the sources are saying that they will be) are just too big of a deal to be missed.


Cleveland Cavaliers are currently at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with only 2 wins and 13 defeats, and it seems that the plan for tanking the season goes very well. Right?

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