Manchester City Inflicts Chelsea One Of The Worst Losses In Club History, 6-0

Manchester City Inflicts Chelsea One Of The Worst Losses In Club History, 6-0

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The way Manchester City smashed Chelsea today, could be only compared with the situation when a steam roller runs over a can.

Sky-Blues humiliated their big opponent with 6-0, tearing them apart like no other team has done it since Roman Abramovich bought this club.

The fans at Etihad saw a one-sided beating, which was a message for the Blues what to expect in the EFL Cup finals, which will be played next Sunday.

It is enough to say that Chelsea’s fans who came to Etihad tried to leave the stadium earlier.

The star of the match was Sergio Aguero, who is without a doubt currently the best player in the English Premier League. Aguero scored a hat-trick today and became the top goalscorer in City’s history.

Right next to him was Raheem Sterling with two goals. The pacey winger had one of the best games since he came to the club. Ilkay Gundogan also managed to put his name on the scoresheet.

Everything was practically over in the first 25 minutes. The hosts already had a 4-0 lead, and the way they played some of the spectators believed that Citizens might reach their win against Burton Albion. In the EFL Cup semifinals, Guardiola’s boys demolished that team with 9-0.

Chelsea wanted to score at least one goal, but they couldn’t do anything right on the pitch. Part of that was because City had a perfect game, and the other reason is the shock they suffered in the first half.

For what is worse, they have to meet again in one week time, and according to today’s event, the Blues aren’t going to be very lucky because of that.

City is trailing the top spot in the standings with Liverpool, but the club from Anfield has one game fewer. Chelsea is no longer among the top four teams. Sarri’s crew is fell two places lower and has 50 points, same as Arsenal. Manchester United is now fourth with one point more than these two squads.


Earlier today, the third-placed Tottenham won against the former champions, Leicester City with 3-1 at Wembley, remaining five points below the leading duo.

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