Los Angeles Chargers Fight Their Way Back And Defeat Pittsburgh Steelers On Sunday Night Football 33-30

Los Angeles Chargers Fight Their Way Back And Defeat Pittsburgh Steelers On Sunday Night Football 33-30

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The Los Angeles Chargers won on Sunday Night Football, after they stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field, 33-30.

It was Michael Badgley who delivered the final hit to the home team with his 29-yard field goal, as the time expired. This last play was pretty intense, as the Steelers blocked the young rookie twice, but only after making two offside penalties.

The Steelers had 16 points lead, and they blew it for the first time in their rich history. At the end of the second quarter, they were up 23-7, and it looked like another routine win for Mike Tomlin and his boys.

But since that moment on, there was only one team on the field, as the Chargers scored 23 straight points, making a flamboyant come back into this event. Philipp Rivers was tearing Pittsburgh’s defense into tiny pieces, and the veteran quarterback threw 299 yards, with a 26 of 36 completion, for 2 touchdowns.

One went to Travis Benjamin for 46 yards, and the other to Keenan Allen for 10 yards. Rivers also had a pair of two-point conversions.

But the crucial play of this event was Desmond King’s
73-yard punt return at the start of the last quarter. The Steelers received a penalty on the second down, Roethlisberger suffered a sack on third, which forced Tomlin to send his special team on the field. After this action, the Chargers leveled the score.

After that, they forced another punt, after which they scored another TD. The Steelers, fought back making it 30-30, but in the end, Badgley did his part of the job.

Ben Roethlisberger had 29 completions from 45 attempts, for 281 yards, 2 touchdowns, and one interception. Most of his incomplete passes came in the late third and fourth quarter. James Conner left the game in the last period after a leg injury, and up until that point he proved to be the most effective weapon in the Steelers attack with two TD’s.

Antonio Brown had a season-high 154 yards, and 10 catches, but with only one in the end zone. Jaylen Samuels added one also.

On the other side, the home team didn’t have a solution for Keenan Allen who had 148 receiving yards for one touchdown. Rookie Justin Jackson carried the ball into the red zone once, and Travis Benjamin caught one in the same area.

Chargers are pressuring the Chiefs in the AFC West, sitting right behind them with 9-3, and one victory fewer. The Steelers are 7-4-1 and they have a slight advantage over the Ravens 7-5 in the AFC North.

Up next we have Chargers at home against Bengals and Steelers on the road in Oakland.


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