Liverpool Slips Into Problems After Losing to PSG, 2-1

Liverpool Slips Into Problems After Losing to PSG, 2-1

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The famous English club is in an awkward position. They have been defeated in one of the most important European games this season. Paris Saint-Germain was better at Parc des Princes with 2-0, leaving the Reds in serious troubles.

Everything was seen in the first 45 minutes. The Parisians scored through Juan Bernat in 13th and Neymar Jr in the 37th minutes, while James Milner decreased the lead of the French champs in the first minute of the injury time of the opening half. Liverpool’s left midfielder converted a penalty.

Five-time European champs now have to defeat Napoli at Anfield in order to progress to the Champions League round of 16. Anything else but that, will eliminate them.

The home team gained a lead after a sloppy reaction of Liverpool’s leading defender, Virgil Van Dijk, who literally passed the ball to Bernat, instead of kicking it far away from his goal. The Spaniard had no trouble of using that gift.

Reds were in control of the match after that, but they couldn’t do anything concrete, and all of their attacks were harmless for Buffon. Neymar and Mbappe used their individual quality and Liverpool’s exposedness to double the lead some eight minutes before the halftime. With this goal, Neymar became the most efficient Brazilian in the history of the Champions League.

It looked like an easy task for the Saints to finish this game without any troubles.

But one reckless challenge of Anhel di Maria on Sadio Mane made it more complicated than it should be. The Senegalese player went down in the box, and James Milner had no mercy during the execution. It was 2-1.

When everybody thought that we are ahead of one spectacle in the second 45 minutes, and that the clubs are going to play open and attacking, PSG decreased the intensity of the clash, restraining Liverpool and his attack. Mane, Firminho and Salah didn’t have a single chance in the second 45 minutes, which couldn’t be said for the hosts who had several good opportunities in front of Alison.

Paris Saint-Germain now has 8 points, and they travel to Belgrade to face the Red Star. They have to win in order to advance to the knockout stage. Liverpool hosts Napoli. The English team has 6 points, Napoli 9, and nothing but a win would do for Jurgen Klopp and his boys. In all other combinations, they are out.


Now, wouldn’t that be a huge shock?

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