Jimmy Butler Has High Expectations For Next Contract Entering Free Agency

Jimmy Butler Has High Expectations For Next Contract Entering Free Agency

As Jimmy Butler ponders over his future and potential new basketball team, it’s quite clear that he won’t take any discount wherever he lands. Earlier today, Butler dropped a statement on what he thinks he is worth.

Fresh off his run with the Philadelphia 76ers, many wondered if Butler would return to Philly to make another run. His time was relatively short in Philadelphia, playing only 55 games this season, but certainly made an impact.

The 76ers were not able to reach the NBA Championship but had a foundation in place that could be a contender for years. With Butler potentially leaving, no one knows how the 76ers’ future seasons will play out.

So what will it cost to keep Butler if you’re Philly or sign him if you’re another organization? Well, Butler is confident that he’ll command a max deal this summer as a free agent.

The Sixers can offer Butler a five-year deal with $188 million. Keep in mind that the Sixers also need to decide what they are going to do with Tobias Harris in free agency.

“Technically I think, knock on wood, I will get a max contract anywhere I choose to go,” Butler said. “So if you are talking a four-year, five-year, that is more than enough money anyway. I think I still have more than enough money now from my first deal.”

His comments are quite interesting. If he already has more than enough money from his first deal, why would he seek out a max contract? Money is obviously the answer, but it’s interesting that Butler wouldn’t choose to stay in Philadelphia for less money and help the team stay competitive in the Eastern Conference.

Butler was the leading scorer against the Raptors in the second round, although overall his regular season wasn’t his best.

Many view Butler as the number two guy, which makes negotiations interesting. It’s no doubt that Butler can help carry a team to victory, but he definitely needs help sharing the load.

Wherever he signs, there has to be an established number one guy already cemented in the lineup for Butler to work with.

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