Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Their Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

Jacksonville Jaguars Fire Their Offensive Coordinator Nathaniel Hackett

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After three years spent in Jacksonville, Jaguar’s offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett has been fired.

The reason for such an action is the team’s negative streak of results. Jaguars lost seven in a row, after winning three of the first four games.

Jacksonville’s coach Dough Marrone was the one who presented this to the reporters today at the press conference held in team’s campus.

Marrone also stated that the “decision was tough” but he had to think about the best “for his football team”. He thanked Hackett for all the hard work and his passion, wishing him all the best in the future. These two were working together for the previous five seasons, spending two of them in Buffalo.

Hackett was a scapegoat for all the wrong choices and decisions Jaguars made this season, on and off the court. According to most analytics, his share of guilt for team’s bad results is not that big as everybody thinks.

Everything went well for the Jags in the first four round, with trashing the Patriots and reaching to a 3-1 record. But after defeating the Jets 31-12 in Week 4, the whole chemistry on the field just disappeared. Since then, last year’s AFC runner-up scored 20 or more points only twice. Seven games after, they are at the bottom of the AFC South.

During the previous season, Jags were fifth in scoring points with 26 points per game. Now, they post only 17.9 which is the 28th productivity in the whole league. Their difference between the two campaigns is 8.1 pts, and is the biggest of all teams.

The guy who runs the offense on the field, Blake Bortles, is underperforming. He threw 231 yards combined in the last two games, 2,572 since the opening game and 13 touchdown pass. But Bortles already has 10 interceptions, and along with that 7 fumbles.

Among many fans, Jags decision to offer him a 3-year deal during the offseason wasn’t accepted very well. The majority thought that the team needs a new face in that position.

In the end, instead of changing the quarterback, Jacksonville replaced the offensive coordinator.


Is that the right move?

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