Hits Keep Coming For AAF’s Atlanta Legends As They Lose Another Coach And Their Opener

Hits Keep Coming For AAF’s Atlanta Legends As They Lose Another Coach And Their Opener


The Atlanta Legends, like the other teams of the Alliance of American Football, are in a tough position. After being together for a relatively short amount of time, they are expected to field a competitive football team. Not just a competitive one, but one that produces an entertaining product that fans want to watch.

In their season opener Saturday night against the Orlando Apollos, the Atlanta Legends didn’t do that as they fell 40-6. But, to be fair, it isn’t entirely their fault. The team has already had coaching issues before playing their first game.

The team announced in early January that head coach Brad Childress had decided to walk away. So, when the team was supposed to be working on getting on the same page and figuring out how to work together, it was without a leader.

The Legends front office did the only thing they really could and promoted defensive coordinator, Kevin Coyle to the job. They couldn’t really promote the offensive coordinator, Michael Vick, because this was his first coaching job. He was going to be leaning on Childress to help him learn the ropes.

Coyle, having never been a head coach himself, was not in a position to be able to mentor Vick in the way that he needed. But it apparently took the team a few weeks to realize this. Vick didn’t end up stepping down until a couple of days prior to the season opener.

Vick is still employed by the league, but will not be coaching (at least not this year).

So—the Legends went into their season opener with a rookie head coach that had been on the job for a month and no offensive coordinator (their website still lists Vick).  Considering the turmoil amongst the team’s coaching staff so close to their first game, it should come as no surprise that they were dominated by Steve Spurrier’s Orlando team.

“Overall, our guys gave effort, but we just didn’t execute like we were supposed to do,” Coyle said after the game ( “That is the thing that hurts. We have to figure out how to get it right for next week.”


Atlanta will go for its first win next week when they travel out to California to take on the San Diego Fleet. Mike Martz’s team had some quarterback issues in their opener and lost to San Antonio, 15-6.

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