Have The Former Enzo Amore And Big Cass Signed With Ring Of Honor?

Have The Former Enzo Amore And Big Cass Signed With Ring Of Honor?

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Former NXT “Tag Team Of The Year” Enzo Amore and Big Cass are back in action although they have brand new ring names, most likely due to the WWE’s habit of trademarking the names they give their wrestlers. The duo is believed to have signed with Ring Of Honor and will be going by the names nZo and caZXL. Collectively they will be known as “FreeAgentZ”.

The former WWE SuperStars hopped the guard rails during the G1 Supercard event on April 6, 2019 that took place at Madison Square Gardens. The Guerillas Of Destiny had just won both the Ring Of Honor titles as well as the IWGP Heavyweight titles when the duo hopped the rails and started yelling at other wrestlers ringside.

The Briscoes and Bully Ray attacked the two “invaders” while the crowd in attendance watched in amazement. The two were not shown during the pay-per-view broadcast so many fans thought it was an unplanned angle. Others noted that the two were escorted out through the crowd and security never got involved hinting that the whole spot was planned.

nZo has been known to invade shows in the past. He made headlines last November when he drew attention to himself at WWE’s Survivor Series. This incident was definitely not scripted as security descended on him and quickly escorted him out of the building.

Enzo was a polarizing figure while he was in the WWE. He had gained a tremendous amount of fans due to his charisma and amazing unscripted promos when he was given time and a microphone. He had also captured the Cruiserweight title twice and was credited with giving the 205 Live program an initial push. His in-ring ability was considered suspect and well below par when compared to others on the program such as Neville and The Brian Kendrick.

He also was rumored to not be well liked by others on the roster and was apparently kicked out of the main dressing room.

The WWE suspended Amore on January 22, 2018 and was released the following day due to sexual assault allegations. The investigation was dropped last May due to insufficient evidence. nZo announced he was retiring from wrestling to pursue a music career.

Big Cass didn’t last much longer in the WWE either. He was released June 19, 2018 with his last match being a loss to Daniel Bryan at Money in the Bank. CaZXL apparently disobeyed orders from Vince McMahon, which lead to his release. In various interviews Cass (real name William Morrissey) admitted that he deserved to be released but plans on continuing in the wrestling business in hopes of getting another shot at the WWE.


While Cass did some work on the independent scene, he will get a lot more experience in Ring Of Honor. If he’s willing to learn, there is also a wealth of talent on the roster that could give the big man a few pointers and tips along the way.

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