Golden State’s Late Charge Breaks Down Feisty Utah Jazz At The Oracle Arena, 115-108

Golden State’s Late Charge Breaks Down Feisty Utah Jazz At The Oracle Arena, 115-108

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The Golden State Warriors edged out Utah Jazz in the last game of Tuesday’s NBA programme. In one very interesting and amusing game, the champions managed to break Jazz’s resistance in the late part of the final quarter and put down their 41st victory, 115-108.

Steph Curry has one rule. It is not important how you start the game, but how you finish it. The two-time NBA MVP missed his first five three-point attempts, before finding his rhythm.

When the game was on the line, Curry was accurate, pulling his team from a deficit, and boosting the morale of other teammates. His Warriors were seven points down in the fourth quarter, before making a 21-4 surge, which put them 10 points ahead, 105-95. In those moments GSW’s guard scored 8 points, back-to-back threes among them.

The game was pretty much close, and despite Golden State’s lead at the end of the first period, 25-14, the Jazz managed to claw their way back into the contest and enter the second half being just three points behind, 47-44.

Things began to change in the late part of the third sequence when the guests took over the lead, and started pounding in the early stage of the final period. Still, that wasn’t enough to stop one of the best offensive teams ever.

Curry finished the game with 24 points and 5 boards, Kevin Durant had a team-high, 28 shooting 10 of 12 for two, while Klay Thompson dropped 22 despite dislocating his ring finger on the left hand. DaMarcus Cousins posted a double-double, 12 buckets and 10 boards.

For the Jazzers, Mitchell was the most efficient as usual, with 25 points. Still, his overall performance was pretty bad, as he had 10 of 29 from the field. Rudy Gobert had another double-double, 13 and 16 rebounds, and Ricky Rubio scored 16.

The Jazzers are now sixth in the West with 32 wins and 25 losses. Their next opponents are going to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, on Friday, at Chesapeake Energy Arena.


Warriors, on the other hand, travel to Portland to face Blazers already tomorrow, and after that host Sacramento on Wednesday. It will be tough for them in the next few days, especially as they finish this stretch against Houston on Saturday.

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