Daniel Dubois Captures The Vacant WBO European Heavyweight Title Via Second Round Knockout

Daniel Dubois Captures The Vacant WBO European Heavyweight Title Via Second Round Knockout

Source: BT Sports

Daniel Dubois improved his record to 10-0 with a knockout victory over 31 year old Romanian Razvan Cojanu, who dropped to 16-6 with the loss. The win also saw Dubois capture the vacant WBO European heavyweight title on home soil with the bout taking place at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England.

Dubois clearly won the first round, landing some solid punches on his opponent including a painful right hook that landed cleanly. Cojanu ducked down to attempt a right of his own and Dubois took advantage of the lowered guard, clearly stunning his opponent. Cojanu would try to keep Dubois close for the final minute of the first, clutching a few times before the referee separated them.

The veteran fighter came out swinging in the second round and landed a few early punches of his own that would see Dubois instead trying to keep Cojanu close while he recovered. Midway through the second round, Dubois received a second warning of the bout for a low blow. Cojanu made a quick complaint but came back out fighting with no adverse affects from the landed punch below the belt.

With the two boxers separated, Dubois went on the attack and landed some solid punches both to Cojanu’s head and body. When Cojanu stepped out of the corner he seemed to mock Dubois but didn’t look completely recovered. Dubois sensing an opportunity to finish the match with less than 30 seconds remaining in the round started a barrage of punches with a solid shot through Cojanu’s guard.

Cojanu would hit canvas and while he did attempt to get to his feet, it was apparent that he would not be able to continue. The obviously disappointed Cojanu looked unstable on his feet when assisted by his team. The official time of the knockout victory was 2:48 of the second round.

The ending was not without controversy as Cojanu’s team and the commentators questioned whether a low blow brought Cojanu’s guard down right before the final barrage was landed. Once the replay was slowed down it was obvious that punch in question landed only partially on the waist band and mostly on Cojanu’s mid-section.

This was a solid win for the 21 year old British boxer and will continue his climbing of the WBO ranking in the heavyweight division. His management team obviously has a slow and steady path planned for him, which can only benefit Dubois in the long run.


Dubois fought three times in 2018 and if he continues with that schedule, you can expect to see him in the ring again sometime over the summer.

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