Dallas Cowboys Defeat New Orleans Saints 13-10, Snapping Their 10-Game Winning Streak

Dallas Cowboys Defeat New Orleans Saints 13-10, Snapping Their 10-Game Winning Streak

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The New Orleans Saints have lost their first match after 10 straight wins. Dallas Cowboys’ excellent defence was an unsolving enigma for Drew Brees and the boys, who lost in Texas 13-10.

When someone mentions that Drew Brees threw 127 yards (18-of-28) for one touchdown, most of the people think that the Saints quarterback did that in one halftime. Last night the 18-year veteran had the second-worst passing yardage in his legendary career.

The Dallas Cowboys defense was perfect forcing Brees to throw an interception in the critical situation, which eventually decided the game.

2:08 seconds before the end of the regulations, the Saints had a ball at the 20-yard line in their territory. Brees tried to find Alvin Kamara, but the football ended in the hands of Jourdan Lewis. Everything the Cowboys needed was another first down, and the seventh win this season was theirs.

Two plays later, Marshon Lattimore made a foul on Amari Cooper in the end zone, and the officials gave first down to the hosts, thus solving this one. Dak Prescott kneeled until the end.

It was the fourth triumph in a row for the fired-up Cowboys who are now 7-5, and have legitimate chances to reach the playoffs. Dak Prescott threw for 248 yards having 24 of his 28 attempts completed. He had one touchdown pass, no interceptions, but was sacked 7 times. That was a season-high for the Dallas offensive line.

Still, Prescott’s game was a bit different than in the past few games. His assignment was to hold on to the ball as much as he could and keep Drew Brees away from the field. Which he did. The Cowboys had the ball almost 37 minutes in their possession.

The home team was leading 13-0 after the end of the second quarter, but the Saints clawed their way back, with one field goal and Keith Kirkwood’s 30-yard catch for a touchdown. If it weren’t for Lewis, Sean Payton’s team might have won this one.

They are now 10-2, half a game behind the LA Rams who play against Lions in Detroit. Their next match is against Tampa Bay in Florida. The Buccaneers are the only team besides Dallas who defeated Saints this year. It happened on the opening day of the season, in New Orleans, 48-40.


The Cowboys are hosting Philadelphia Eagles, and with that victory, they can cement their place at the top of the NFC East.

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