Cowboys Expected To Sign Jason Garrett To Long Term Extension

Cowboys Expected To Sign Jason Garrett To Long Term Extension

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Prior to the Jerry Jones Era, the Dallas Cowboys were the picture of coaching stability having had only one coach, the legendary Tom Landry. Since then, there have been seven and only two have lasted five years or more—Jimmy Johnson (five; 1989-93) and Jason Garrett (8+; midseason 2010-present).

Garrett’s name has presumably been on the proverbial chopping block several times throughout his tenure. The most recent time was just this season when the Cowboys had fallen to 3-5 and looked like they were not going anywhere. But then the team pulled off an incredible mid-season turnaround, won seven of their last eight, and won the NFC East.

So, it appears, that instead of firing him, the Cowboys are now looking to sign Garrett to a long-term extension.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has always been very open with his praise of Garrett but that praise, much like that of ever owner, should be taken with a grain of salt. It is not uncommon for owners to praise a coach one moment and fire him the next.

But the news didn’t come from Jones. Ian Rapoport broke the news during a recent appearance on Good Morning Football: Weekend.

“I’m told the Cowboys are positive that Garrett is going to be their coach going forward, and after the season when this all ends, they do intend to begin negotiating a long-term extension with Garrett.”

Rapoport went on to say that he never felt like Garrett’s job status was ever in any real danger, even after the team stumbled to 3-5 at mid-season. But considering his track record, it is not hard to see why many assumed that he was.

Garrett has a record of 77-59 as the Cowboys head coach with only three playoff bids under his belt. But his teams have never made it past the divisional round and have often been accused of under-performing.

But if the team can make it past the Los Angeles Rams Saturday night, maybe Garrett can be done with that stigma. It would certainly make it easier to rationalize signing him to an extension.


His current extension has him under contract through the 2019 season.

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