Chris Davis Sets Major League Record After Being Hitless in 47 At Bats

Chris Davis Sets Major League Record After Being Hitless in 47 At Bats

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Poor Chris Davis. It’s a good thing for him that Major League Baseball contracts are guaranteed money.

The former Baltimore Orioles’ slugger used to be feared at the dish. Now he’s an automatic out. 2019 and the end of the 2018 season has not been kind to Davis. Although he has monstrous power from the left side of the plate, he has not garnered a hit since September 14th.

Davis broke the streak tonight, going 0-for-3 in his first three at-bats, which would break the record. He ended the night going 0-for-5.

It’s tough to not feel for Davis at this point. He hit three straight balls that were right at the fielder. He then ended the night with a strikeout looking and striking out against a pitch in the dirt.

Davis ended 2018 on a bad note and 2019 doesn’t look to have any glimmer of hope. Well, if there is one thing, it’s that he is hitting the ball hard. Eventually, he’ll be able to find a gap.

In 2018, Davis ended the season hitting .168 last year – the worst batting average in major league history for a qualified player. Yikes.

Thankfully for Davis, he will make a truckload of money through his contract. He is in his fourth of a $161 million, seven-year contract.

Davis has two RBIs on the season. He brought in a run thanks to a bases-loaded walk and also a forceout. Davis has struck out 13 times this season.

Orioles’ manager Brandon Hyde admits that it’s a waiting game with Davis. “I was hoping he’d get off to a good start and he would play well early and hit,” Hyde said. “I’m pulling for him. I’m trying to put him in position for success and I talk to him a lot. He’s upfront with it.”

Davis has been hearing negative comments from Orioles fans when he’s at the dish. If Davis ends the at-bat with a strikeout, the boos rain down on him. He’s a former slugger that could pay for anything in the world, but cannot buy a hit.


Davis had years where he hit for 53 home runs and 47 respectively. Can he get back on track and become a threat at the plate again?

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