Anderson Silva Plans On Fighting Again After Being Injured At UFC 237

Anderson Silva Plans On Fighting Again After Being Injured At UFC 237

The has been quite a bit of speculation by fans and the media about whether or not 44-year-old MMA fighter Anderson Silva will compete again. Silva fought Jared Cannonier at UFC 237 and collapsed to the mat after taking an inside leg kick.

Cannonier had been punishing the leg throughout the round and a well-placed and powerful kick earned him a first round TKO victory over Silva. It took some time for Silva to regain his footing and he limped out of the ring.

Silva has undergone tests including and MRI to confirm that there was no major damage to the leg as a result of the injury. He does face a potential six-month medical suspension from competition by the Brazilian MMA Athletic Commission due to the injured knee. In order for Silva to avoid that suspension, he will need clearance from an orthopaedic doctor.

Anderson has made a few posts to Instagram that had many believing he is considering retirement from the sport. Translated from Portuguese, some interpreted the message as Silva questioning himself while others saw it as an inspirational post where the fighter expressed his desire to compete and succeed.

Silva caught up with TMZSports and put all the speculation aside, stating that he does want to fight again. During the interview he made it clear that he’s “not stopping” or retiring. He revealed that he would be taking some time off to promote a movie in China and to undergo physiotherapy on his injured knee.

The former UFC Middleweight Champion also revealed that he has had discussions with Dana White about a possible rematch with Cannonier but the UFC President told him to go home and recover from the injury.

His main goals at the moment are to “recover, stay healthy and stay strong and go back.”

It is clear from the interview that Silva is intent on returning to competition after he recovers from his latest setback. Prior to his appearance at UFC 237, it was noted that Silva and his team were discussing a possible contract extension with the UFC and he still had three fights left on his current contract, including the Cannonier fight.

Silva still has drawing power and a large fan following as seen during his fight last Saturday in Brazil and their response to Cannonier during the post-fight interview. The issue from the UFC perspective may come to question whether or not Silva can be competitive after recovering from the injury.

Silva has just one win in his last eight fights and that victory came on February 11, 2017 at UFC 208 over Derek Brunson. His January 31, 2015 victory over Nick Diaz was overturned after Silva tested positive for steroids.

Fans of Silva will most likely have a lengthy wait while he rehabs his knee to see if her will fight again. The other big question to be answered will be whether that fight will happen in the UFC or a rival promotion willing to take a chance on the popular fighter to be competitive again.

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